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Laura Wilson Johnson is a force. She's a force propelled by the wind of God, wrapped by the grace of God, and anointed by the oil of God. Laura's life has been under assault since her mother's belly, but what's greater is that God knew her before He formed her in the belly and He set her apart. That is what kept her when doctors declared that if she survived childbirth, she would be brain-damaged, deaf, and blind. That is what kept her when she lost everything in one year, including her brother. God's hand on her life is what kept her when her health went under a deadly attack again and her youngest daughter was delivered more than 4 months prematurely. The attacks came, but they didn't prosper. Instead, God has used every one of them to activate a greater level of anointing on Laura's life and to release that force from her lungs that pierces the atmosphere and pulls down heaven's response. 

About Laura

"My PRAYER and aim has always been to change lives in a very good way."

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